Sunday, September 17, 2017

When Mom Is Sick

This weekend has been hard. This Mom was sick! It all started on Friday when my incredible husband took me to a fabric store. I know, I know. He IS the perfect man. Want to know more? He bought me "I Love Lucy" fabric. Stand back ladies, he's mine.

As we were coming home, because living in the country means an hour drive anywhere you want to go, my throat and ear started to hurt. I don't mean they started to ache a bit. It was full on pain. Sweet guy that he is, he stopped to get me a drink at Sonic to help alleviate the ouchies with something cold. It didn't work.

I went home, smiled at my new additions to my fabric stash, and laid down. I felt like poop. Actually, poop would have been an improvement. I laid around all evening and convinced my family that sandwiches and such was a wonderful supper -- mainly because it's all I was going to fix. I went to wash up after supper and found out the water was turned off. I called the water department -- though I am not sure why since they are only open 9 hours/week (not a joke, serious) and their last time to work is 12pm on Wednesday. Oh, also, there is no answering service, not even an old fashioned machine. However, I guess the pain was too much and I gave it a whirl only to find them in. They told me that they were getting calls from all over town and they weren't sure what was wrong. They also couldn't get in touch with the guy that fixed it. I admit to panicking a bit.

Thankfully we keep a 5 gallon jug of water for our water dispenser just in case. We needed it because I just given the kids a tube feed and had dirty supplies. Did I mention I felt horrible?

Hubby took over all the kid care and I went to bed.

And then he went to bed because ... he worked the next day. This means on Saturday and Sunday I would have the kids by myself while I was sick.

What's a Mom to do when sleeping all day can't happen? I went BASIC.

  • We all stayed in pajamas all day long. I knew I didn't want to change, and I really didn't want to help the boys find underwear or whatever piece of clothing they suddenly couldn't find. 
  • We ate simply. Sandwiches, cereal, and other quick foods were the order of the day. Yes, I still had to tube feed. So, I used baby food pouches that I could just draw up and push. 
  • I made camp in the living room. I gave the boys the floor in the morning as I laid on the sofa. By mid-afternoon I stretched out in the floor and gave them a DVD and the couch. If I could see them all was good. This made it so much easier. 
  • I let go of some of my rules. Juice twice a day never happens. But, my kids can pour their own juice so have at it. When Mom is sick, rules have to take a back seat. 
  • I allowed every toy and book imaginable to surround me as I rested. Toys were everywhere. I figured I could demand their clean up after I didn't feel like I was hit by a Mack truck. 
  • Take out was also on order. I called my husband and asked him to pick up something for us. I texted him what we wanted and waited right where I was under the covers on the floor until he got there. 
  • I let hubby take control. Shocker, I know. Us women have a hard time with that one. But he's smart, has a job that requires mental and physical agility on a daily basis, and he has a very high IQ. He can handle things like taking trash to the kitchen from dinner, getting the kids in pajamas, helping with tooth brushing, etc. He did great. I didn't have to move. 
I think all of these boil down to simplify, simplify, simplify and ask for help. We just can't do it all. And, the more rest we get, the quicker we will heal. Ladies, it's OK to slow down and allow others to do things for us when we are sick. It also blesses them as they are able to serve us in our hard time. Allow that blessing to come to your family. 


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