Friday, January 20, 2017

And Then We Were Done ...

This has been a crazy 13 days and an even crazier 48 hours. 13 days ago our first babies on the farm were born ... 2 days ago our little Jacob was born. Today our last pregnant goat started baying and pacing like mad. She had a lot of discharge. She would not stop crying out in that telling way. The problem is, I had to go to town and couldn't change my plans. I will admit to praying she wouldn't have her baby(ies) until I got home.

She was quite polite and waited. She is young, younger than I would have allowed to breed. This was her first pregnancy. I was really worried about her and, obviously, the baby(ies) since first pregnancies for livestock often have a stillborn.

She did wonderfully. She birthed those babies quickly, cleaned them up fast, and had them nursing before you could say "Bob's your uncle". They were nursing so well it took me a while to find out their gender. I didn't want to mess with them when they were doing what they should.

Finally I picked each of them up, checked them over, listened to their breathing, and did the flip and check to see what we had.

First up is our first born. We quickly learned we had a little girl. This picture is not great, but she is so colorful. She is black in the front with white on her head but she's brown in the back (like she's divided exactly in half) and then her underneath tummy is brown.

And her name? Esther. Yes, nice Biblical name. Our younger son came out of Sunday school this week asking if we had a girl could we name her Esther because he really liked that Bible story.

Second born is our little boy. We were hoping for all girls, but he's just so cute. He is mostly brown with spots all over him in random place that are white and black. His brown is much lighter and more orange/red tint than Esther's brown.

His name? Esau.

They both received names starting with E because their Mom's name starts with E (She's Evie). We do this with first generation as it allows us to know who the Mom is for each goat. Second generations will receive a different letter. 

Thankfully we are done for a while. All of our does have had their babies. We have no one else pregnant so we have months until we breed again and probably the end of the year before we have babies again. I am tired, so it will be a welcome break.

Thankfully these babies have a wonderful Mom. She cleaned them, cared for them immediately, and got them to nursing fast. She has been our best Mom so far, and, amazingly, she's a first time Mom.

Praising God that SonRise Acres is growing. All of our goats are now duplicated, and that's a beautiful blessing.


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