Monday, October 2, 2017

Ripple Milk - Product Recommendation

My younger son cannot deal with milk. He refluxes on it no matter what fat content is contains. It also means calcium is hard to come by without a lot of vegetable intake ... which mean volume increase ... which mean gastric emptying problems. 

Enter Ripple Milk ...

Ripple Milk is a pea protein dairy drink alternative. It comes in a few flavors (original, unsweetened, vanilla, and chocolate). It also comes in shelf stable drink boxes for meals on the go (think lunch boxes!). But, the reason why it's an answer to our son's issues is due to what's inside.

Ripple Milk contains 8g of protein (plant based), 450mg of calcium (50% more calcium than cow's milk), 32mg Omega 3, and 1/2 the sugar of 2% milk (no sugar if you get the unsweetened variety).

It goes into a feeding tube well, tastes good, and is easy to find. If you click on the links in this post it will take you to their site so you can compare for yourself and find a store near you that carries Ripple Milk.


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