Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Day Without Women - My Take

I wrote this yesterday in response to the "A Day Without Women" event going on today.

Tomorrow is "A Day Without Women" day. I will be honoring it in the following ways:
  • I promise to hug my children in the morning in a way only a Mom can hug.
  • I promise to worship my God as a woman after His own heart.
  • I promise to love and devote myself to my husband as only a wife can do.
  • I promise to be a sister, daughter, and girlfriend to my friends as only a woman can do in a time of need or pain. 
  • I promise to educate my kids as a Mom is called to do.
  • I promise to be the woman God called me to be.

I am not doing this to SUPPORT "A Day Without Women", I am doing it to show that my family never has to worry about such things as I will ALWAYS show up for "work" as a woman, a God designed and honoring woman. I will celebrate March 8 not by checking out, but by checking in.


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