Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Allergies CAN Affect Your Behaviors

Food allergies. They cause wheezing, hives, anaphylactic reactions, and even death. But what happens when your child has a very different reaction? What happens when your child eats a food and rages for hours, has red cheeks, red ears, an extremely high pulse, anxiety, depression, and horrible behavioral issues?

Let me tell you what happens. People do one of two things. They either whisper behind your back about how horrible of a parent you are, or they start using words like mental illness, schizophrenia, and more. The last thing they do is say, "have you considered that this might be a food, environmental, or chemical allergy?"

The thing is, they need to start saying that, especially doctors. 

Meet Dr. Doris Rapp. She is saying that (or was). I was introduced to her a while back and kind of ignored her thoughts on this issue. I bought her book but read a small piece of it and put it to the side for other "more important" things. 

Finally I couldn't ignore it anymore. I was doing some research on my younger son's issues and the term "cerebral allergy" kept coming up. Once I started to look at that it was like reading studies of my kid. It described him over and over and over. I couldn't stop reading. I began to look for the experts in this field and found two books I knew I needed to buy. One was "Brain Allergies" by Dr. Philpott and the other was "Is This Your Child" by Dr. Rapp. Wait ... I got up, went to my bookcase, and there it was (amazingly right in front). I pulled it out and began to read. 

Tears fell down my face as I read page after page after page of stories that sounded just like our younger son, even down to tiny things I never would have pinned to food in any way. Weird things he did popped out from the pages. I couldn't deny what I was reading. 

I had to share this with my husband, and I did. He was shocked. His first words were, "what do we do now". I didn't know. I know we have to find out what he's allergic to so we can help him be healthy. 

I took to YouTube to see if she had any videos. Boy did she have videos. I am sharing three of them below. When you watch them, know you are watching our little Linus in his day-to-day life. THIS is what I mean when I blog about our son having a food reaction. THIS is what we see. 

The good thing, at least until we have his list of foods, environmental triggers, and chemical sensitivies, she gives the antidote for reactions. Let me tell you, I have watched this antidote help within 5 minutes of my child receiving it during a massive raging meltdown where "everyone hated" him (one of his feelings during these episodes). I am talking from hours and hours of raging to over in 5 minutes. I told my husband about it and he was skeptical but hopeful. Tonight he had his first chance to witness the change after administration. I gave it to him and asked the time. It was 8:00 pm exactly.  By 8:05 pm he started to tell us about Minecraft creative mode. By 8:06 pm there were no signs of rage. It was over, done with, ended. 

Please check these videos out and then get her book(s) if your child is shown in them (or go to her page on YouTube and watch more about her like her episodes on Donahue in 1988 and 1989, her talks about mold, and more). 

That link is: Dr. Rapp - YouTube


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