Saturday, April 29, 2017

Well That Was A Fun Break

I had bigger plans for the Autism Awareness Month posts but life went very wonky.

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My brother, for those that don't know, got married last weekend. A few months ago his beautiful bride asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. I happily agreed and we decided just I would be going as it's half way across the country. Long story short, my brother really wanted my entire family there and we all ended up flying out to be with them. Longer story short, one of the reasons he wanted all of us there is they wanted all of us in the wedding. Yes, this means I got to see my handsome men in tuxes. You can't beat that as a wife and Mom.

Being the wonderfully Pollyanna, positive .... naive self that I am, I misjudged just HOW stressful this would be with my kiddos and had my plan of attack for packing medical supplies, how to handle the trip, etc all set out.

Yep, we all got sick before we left. I was supposed to head to my Mom's the weekend before we left because said brother was coming into town for his bachelor party and wanted one last visit with us. (bachelor party consisted of his groomsmen playing old vintage video games and poker together - lol)

Too sick.

Did I mention my bridesmaid's dress had been messed up by Nordstrom's and I needed to get back for what should have been a final fitting (should have is the operative word here)? I needed to get outfits for the rehearsal dinner for my guys. Yep, canceled.

So, I had to nurse us all back to health, including me, and get out the door within 24 hours of feeling decent enough to get out of bed.

This means I had to pack 4 suitcases, 2 large backpacks, and my purse all to carry on. I couldn't risk any of it getting lost, not with my bridesmaid's dress, shoes, rehearsal outfits and shoes, medical stuff,, emergency medical kits, and more. Nope, just not an option to check bags on this trip.

I managed to get it all done, have my third set of correction alterations done on my bridesmaid's dress (I was kidding when I said they kept messing it up and in the end it still was very wrong), have a mani/pedi, and get to the airport 2 hours early like we were told to do.

Only the flight ended up being 2 hours late.

We waited what seemed like an eternity (really only 4 hours) and finally boarded.

It was a wonderful weekend. We go to spend a lot of time with my brother since, well, honestly, he's the groom and only had to pick up his tux. The bride was busy with last minute planning with her coordinators, so we spent that free time with him.

We saw Grauman's Chinese Theater, took pics of my boys pretending to steal John Wayne's footprints in the style of Lucy and Ethel, saw the walk of fame and I took my picture with Vivian Vance's star, took pics with the Hollywood sign, went to Hermosa Beach and saw a school of dolphin playing right off the pier, and more. 

Needless to say, I am back and we hit the ground running. We were wiped out from our trip (got about 4 hours of sleep each night because of fun activities tied to the wedding). I had to shop for food (for some reason my guys still want to eat) and yesterday we started final work on the goat pasture (started, did not finish). 

Oh, and to throw another "relaxing" (read insanity) moment into our month, we decided I should go to our state's homeschool convention next weekend. Why plan? Just go with it. 

And THAT, dear readers, is why I took a bit of a break from blogging suddenly. 


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