Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Catching Up

Sorry I was gone a few days. Being Thanksgiving week, having a nasty storm, and crazy doctor appointments, and it made for me missing being here.

We traveled to my Mom's for the holidays and came home the Friday after Turkey Day in order to have a day of rest before going to my in-laws on Sunday to celebrate with them. We got a call Saturday morning that, due to the rain, the road to my sister-in-law's was flooded and there was no way we could get in and the day was canceled. Sigh.

Sunday evening we packed up and went to my Mom's again because she's very close to our sons biomedical doctor. It takes us 2 hours to get to her home and, since our appointment was at 9:30am the next day, we didn't want to get up before sunrise, drive to her home, drop off the kids, and then head to the doctor's office in time to make the appointment.
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The day of our appointment came and I was excited. I love our doctor. He's so kind, warm, and smart, smart, smart. I mean, he makes smart people look mildly intelligent. I went in with my notebook of test results (I always take them with me so I can refer to them as he speaks and make notes on them), a spiral, and a few pens (you never know if one might die and I take a lot of notes when he's chatting). We sat down for what would be a 2 1/2 hour long chat. I didn't realize he had blocked off so much time for us.

The Good:

  • We have a whole new protocol.
  • He saw our sons issues very clearly.
  • He knew what to do about them. 
  • He thinks he knows why our younger son won't sleep alone at night due to night time anxiety.
  • He thinks he has identified our younger son's eating issue.
  • He saw where our other doctor lacked in testing in order to get a full picture on our older son. 
  • He saw where other doctors had made mistakes in what they thought the issues were in a few areas and got us on the right path. 
The Bad:
  • Melatonin is now in the trash. A major sleep issue we were having was being caused by a side effect of Melatonin. We caused what we were fighting. I mean, we didn't know, we were told to use it, but it was not a good thing for our younger son. 
  • The frustration level we had at being misdirected for so long by other doctors was high. But we let that go because it does no good to anyone. 
  • We have a blood test that needs to happen for our younger son. Oh, gee, how I look forward to that... (read sarcasm)
  • I have stool sample to collect from our older son, the kid who never poops. Still waiting. 
  • SLEEP! We have none. Since pulling the Melatonin the kids aren't sleeping. We have something new on board, but it will take up to two weeks to see results. So I am working each night to get our younger son to sleep and just waiting out our older son. This means I am up very late (1am or so) and then getting up early because my younger son gets up early. Come on 14 days!!!
And now I am back. I am not sure how much mental clarity I have, so if my posts make no sense, just keep reading, shake your head in pity for me, and know in 14 days it will hopefully go back to normal. 

Talk soon


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