Friday, February 12, 2016

Feeding Tube Awareness Week - Day 6 (Resources)

So you find yourself with a feeding tube, or your child has one, what now?

Easy. Educate yourself and get support. I am going to share a few resources with you where you can do just that. (click on the pictures to go to the websites)

The one I have talked about all week will be my first one on the list:
They have a very nice site with TONS of information, support, and just anything you can think of related to feeding tubes. This would be my first stop if I was a new tubie Mom. 

Have a tubie? You are a tubie? You love a tubie? Well, get your tubie a Tubie Friend. This is an awesome program where your tubie will be matched up with a volunteer that will sew the same type of tube your child has into a stuffed animal and send it to them. If you can pay for it, awesome. If not, awesome. Our son has a guinea pig that he named Bolus (good name). He loves Bolus and it really helped him step out of his shell with his tube.

Check out Feeding Tube Awareness's Facebook page for a ton of real life support.

From support group lists to resources and online help, you will like the Oley Fondation's website.

Below are some Facebook Pages for various feeding tube and failure to thrive topics.

I hope these will help you on your road to being a successful tubie parent. There is a lot of support out there, you just have to reach out for it. 


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