Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happening Week

This has been a crazy week and it just hit me that I hadn't posted in a while. I am sorry about that. So, what happened at our home?

Let's see:
We got our sons music room together ... mostly. Yes, that is a tool box you see. I said mostly. But this point I was wiped out. This room, you see, is our younger son's bedroom. We moved him in with brother and their drums and piano into his room. They love it. But, it was a lot of work taking down furniture just to move it to the next room and have to put it all up again. We have some things to move to our storage building and we are done in there. I am thinking of moving our big book shelves that house the medical supplies in there. I believe there's room for it (it's a tiny bedroom). That would free up some nice visual space in our living room.

We also bought an 8 pack of chicken nuggets. That was completely unexpected. We used to have chickens. We have beautiful Rhode Island Red layers. Our younger son figured out where eggs came from and never ate another egg. Our older son dived so much in his eating that he didn't eat them just because he felt no hunger and ended up with a feeding tube. So, we just had more pets to care for each day. We gave them to a friend with a chicken business and moved on.

Now my sons are doing better. But we weren't getting chickens. A few days ago we were all in town doing errands and my husband asked what all we needed to do. I told him and he asked if we needed to go anywhere else, then listed the farm store. I told him I didn't need to head there, but if he had something he needed to go for it. He said he saw their "chick days" sign up and just thought we might take a look. I couldn't figure out why, but the boys wanted to see the chicks and the bunnies, so I told  them we could go look but we were NOT buying anything.

Yeah, by the end of the trip Daddy and the boys ended up deciding we needed chickens again. We got home with me saying 4 chickens, you can each pick 2. That night my husband was chatting with his Mom on the phone and said, "yeah, we are heading back into the chicken life. The boys are getting 8 chickens". WHAT! I asked what he meant. He said he figured 4 each would be good, didn't I think so too. Um ............... sure.

Yesterday, after music lessons, we went back to the farm store and picked up our 8 pack of chicken nuggets. Seeings as the kids wanted them and were going to care for them, I let them choose what they wanted. They picked 2 of each breed. A few have names. The yellow ones are Sunflower and Buttercup (you can tell Sunflower because she has a black spot above her eye). The little black one there by herself is Egg Nog. The two striped ones are Mars and Chocolate. The other 3 are still waiting on their names.

And so you see, THAT'S why I have not posted in a few days. Add in church, taking my mother-in-law to hear her favorite local gospel group sing, music lessons, thinking about food all the time to get it into my sons, and more, and life got a bit crazy.


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