Thursday, February 25, 2016

Safer Drinking Bottles

Many years ago we used Lifefactory baby bottles for our youngest son. We had made the move to safer items for them (well, we were starting) and I liked that not only was this a glass bottle, but it had a sleeve on it to help the child grasp it and to reduce the risks of breaking if it was dropped. This was especially nice in the church nursery where he had to feed himself since he wasn't an infant anymore.

We got past bottles and got a bit lax with our concern for toxins in those types of items (read, life went nuts with two children with special needs). But, we finally came back to a more toxin free life and I started to look for items when we were in the car, at someone's home, or just out at a restaurant. I found a lot of cheap junk that said it was toxin free but it wasn't, or they just didn't fit our needs. I don't mind paying a little bit more for quality, but it has to be true quality.

Enter Lifefactory again.
I started to research and found that they have a HUGE selection of items. They even have drinking glasses.


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