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How I Got Started on This Path - Part 3

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We went home, huffed, and put our oldest son in PPCD. We went through and IEP/ARD. We did all the paperwork, bought him his little school supplies, and sent him off to be with other kids like himself.

We called ECI and set that up for our younger son. He needed a lot of help and they could come to our home to give it to him.

But, honestly, I never was happy with PPCD. You see, my husband and I always wanted to homeschool our kids. We discussed it before we got married, discussed it even more before we got pregnant, and it seemed so sad that it wouldn't happen. But, the experts said to put him in PPCD so we did. But, as we saw what was going on in PPCD, the lack of therapy (he got 19 minutes/week of group speech therapy and nothing else, even with his other issues), and the disruption to our family's natural flow, we started to question it. I finally asked my husband WHY he had to be in PPCD. What was he getting there that we couldn't give him. And THAT was my step into a more toxin free life. I questioned those who were "in the know". Yes, it started out that simply and quietly.

We decided there was nothing they could give that we couldn't, and we even dared to suggest we could do it better. I was so happy the day I pulled him out of school. We brought him home and I started a mad search for therapy options. We found that. I started to try and figure out what he needed on a daily basis. We figured that out.

Time rocked on and I started to research more. The more I searched the more I found. The more I found, the more we changed. We looked at the medical care we were receiving. I learned about something called biomedical approach in the Autism world and we visited our first DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. That was a huge, massive eye opener. Through it all I told no one what we were doing. Again, I wanted that unbiased eye on our sons development. We started very simply with things like Methyl B12 (MB12) injections. 10 days into treatment our older son said his first words in over a year. He looked across the room towards me and said, "can we take a picture of that". I about hit the floor. I thought I was dreaming. I honestly asked him, "what did you say". He looked at me like I was the one with a comprehension problem and said slowly, "can we take a picture of that". I called hubby in almost a panic. Something was working. People at church, my Mom, family, all asked what we were doing, what had happened to change him. It wasn't just us, he was really doing better with a simple vitamin.

We added more items as tests came back showing us which direction to go. Our younger son was harder as sticking him for blood was pretty much impossible. His veins were so thin, so deep, even NICU nurses attempted and couldn't do it. It was a mess. He was a mess. But we rocked on with no sleep, screaming all the time, and the only relief we found for him was if I wore him in a sling. He wanted his face covered mostly, to be held by me, and to be rocked gently as I wore him. It was his only relief.

For those who have a kid like this, you know where that was leading. Yes, he has Sensory Processing Disorder. But, at the time, we had no clue.

We had a DAN doctor now, we had a pediatrician who used homeopathic, natural, and traditional helps. We felt like we were, at minimum, in good hands with medical care. We were going to homeschool, so we knew educationally we were set. We had therapy going for our son, so that was all in order. Life was good.

Yeah, you know that means the other shoe will drop soon.

Read part 4 of our story later this week.


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