Friday, September 18, 2015

Welcome to You, to Me, and to Everyone Who Enters

For my first post on this blog I am going to try very hard not to bore you with a lot of cutesy things about our family, my life, and more. Instead, I am just going to stick to the facts and save my words for future posts.

  • I am a wife and mom, and I love both of those "jobs". I had things I wanted to be when I grew up, and they changed over the years, but I always, always wanted to be a wife and mom. 
  • I am a city girl by birth and a country girl by marriage. I fit into the country life far better than the city life and I never could have dreamed I would feel that way. 
  • I have two little stinkers I call son and they make me smile, laugh, and happy everyday (and, I won't lie, I have those days when I just want to yell "Calgon, take me away"). 
  • We home school.
  • We are Christians, and that seeps into every aspect of our lives. 
  • We have pets. We have 2 dogs (polar opposites - 80lbs and 4lbs), 2 lizards (African Fat Tail, and Spotted Gecko) and a cat. My kids would have 40 acres of animals if we let them. 
  • We live on 40 acres that backs up to my mother-in-laws remaining 360 acres. 
  • We are, as I call it, knee deep in the medical world through both of my sons many medical and special needs. 
  • And, as you can probably tell by my blog title, we strive to live toxin free. We are far from it, but are getting closer every day. There are many reasons for this, some of which we will explore in my blog, some of which is too personal and we won't. 
  • I love to write, a hobby handed down to me by my grandfather who is an actual published author from the day when you didn't self-publish. I am writing my first book right now. It may or may not ever take off, but the joy of writing it was enough and my kids adore the story.
This is where I will leave you. We are so much more than this but this will at least wet your whistle about who we are and why we blog. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


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