Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hear Our Hearts

I had another post for today but it needed to take a back seat after yesterday. For those who don't know, Paris was attacked through the cowardly acts of terrorists. People have died, others have been injured, fear is in the streets, the military is trying to take control back, borders have been closed.

There are rumors coming out now from the media and local sources that this was an ISIS attack carried out by Islamic terrorist. Reports are saying up to 127 people are dead, more are injured, 7 attackers are dead by suicide bombing.

This is just a tragic event. Lives have been lost, families hurt so deeply, people are living in fear, and others are living with the hopes of killing more innocent victims.

It's time to pray. We need God in our world. We have thrown Him out and told Him he's not welcome here. Now we are paying for that arrogance. He's our only hope. We need to pray for these families who lost their loved ones and pray for the families of those who attacked Paris. Not only did they lose a family member, but that person is a murderer and we don't know the salvation status of the family itself. They need God just as much as we do.

For those in Paris, we are praying for you. We are lifting you up.


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