Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Week Hodgepodge

Joyce, at the blog, "From This Side of the Pond", didn't skip this week just because it was Thanksgiving. Oh no, she let us have fun with another round (so happy she did). Check out my answers and then click the link or picture above to head over to her blog so you can read her thoughts and look at other fun blogs. 

1. What's something you wish you knew how to do, but feel it's too late to learn?

Piano - I always wanted to learn how to play and now I simply do not have the time to do it. Maybe when my kids are successfully on their own I could take lessons. 

2. Your least favorite thing to shop for? Why?

Toilet paper - if I have to explain why, I might want to pick your brain over how you can LIKE shopping for it. 

3. How has the celebration of Thanksgiving today changed from when you were growing up?

It is very different. It used to be my entire extended family coming together at my grandmother's home to eat, talk, catch up, and give thanks together. My grandparents passed away, there was a family conflict between two major parts that hasn't healed, and now it's very fractured and I miss how it used to be. 

4. What's something that when other people see it, reminds them of you? Explain.

People share memes about homeschooling or super moms saying they remind them of me. I get the homeschooling jokes but not the supermoms. I am only doing what any decent mom would do for their children. 

5. If you could guest star in a TV show, what would it be and why?

I would want to be an the Andy Griffith show. I just like it so much. My family and I watch it on DVD often. If I couldn't be on that, I would like to be on Leave it to Beaver. 

6. Have you ever farmed or spent any time on a farm? Are there farm stands in your little corner of the world and do you make it a point to shop there? If so, what item do you particularly like to buy from roadside stand or farm shops?

We live on a 400 acre cattle ranch. My mother-in-law (who lives across the pasture) has a huge garden. We have a small garden, though it's getting bigger. There are farm stands where we live. I do not stop at them. I will stop at a farmer's market if it has local growers with organic produce. But I am very picky with what goes into my family's mouths. Many times what's on the side of the road isn't any healthier than what's in the store. Many times, unless you get to the know the seller, it's not even local. Farm stand doesn't equal local or healthy. You have know who you are buying from. Our local stand isn't at all organic and the woman selling the produce smokes the entire time. No thank you. 

7. What's something you've experienced recently that made you feel a sense of awe or wonder?

I am in awe and wonder as we are working closer to the Hanukkah season. I am starting to see the beauty of worshiping our risen Savior through holidays He personally celebrated. If you want some serious awe, look at the passage in the NT where Christ says He is the light ... that was a Hanukkah celebration he was taking part in during his life. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

This has been a nuts week. My uncle and cousin came in for the opening weekend of deer season. We love having them down each year. Our older son had a few medical issues. We are gearing up to leave to visit my Mom for Thanksgiving, coming home for 2 days, going to my sister-in-law's for my husband's family's celebration, and heading out from her house back to my Mom's for a big doctor's appointment that Monday. I will be so happy to be home with no where to go and nothing to prepare for ahead of me. 

Talk soon - Gobble gobble


  1. Good Hodgepodge morning! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I think there are many of us who regret not learning to play piano. I so enjoyed meeting you here!! I love your comment in #7 about celebrating the way Jesus did. I've never looked at Hanukkah that way before and am now experiencing one of those Ah-Ha moments. Thank you for that!! Enjoy your frantic week with family and I hope you get that down-time you the week after!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog...I had to giggle over the toilet paper --I hope your son is feeling better.

    We homeschooled all the way through...and so I get it...(about the comments and a lot of the comments were cruel, people just don't get it)

    That is cool you live on a cattle ranch, always, always wanted to do that. Many Happy Thanksgivings to you...and "dressing" the turkey--again, I had to giggle --please excuse my southern slang, dressing means to season it etc. get it ready for the oven/baking.


    1. Linda, I am southern born and bred and still didn't know what it meant. LOL. But, I grew up with a grandmother that could cook any chef under a table but she did it all on her own and a Mom who hated to cook. I love to cook and am having to learn so much of it on my own.

  3. Visiting from the Hodgepodge. I enjoyed reading your post and getting to know a little about you. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Cathy, thank you for visiting. I loved your trip pictures on your blog!

  4. Good morning! I homeschooled for 21 years, so am well familiar with all the comments, especially those who felt they needed to defend their choice of schooling. Or the old refrain, 'What about their social development?' I hope those are no longer issues for homeschoolers. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'd love to see your cattle ranch! Thanks for stopping in today. So glad you joined the Hodgepodge.

    1. We still hear those silly arguments. We ignore them like you did. Sigh. You would think in all this time people could come up with better ones.

  5. Hi, I'm stopping by from The Hodgepodge, and I don't think I've visited you before. I enjoyed learning more about you through your answers :)
    I, too, would like to know how to play the piano.
    I admire you for home-schooling. My daughter and daughter-in-law are both doing the same, and I'm so happy about that.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)

    1. Your support of your daughter and daughter-in-law is so important. Many home educators don't have a lot of support from those who really matter. Yours will mean more to them than you probably know.



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