Monday, November 9, 2015

The Cup Doesn't Matter

It's all over the internet, even on the news. Starbucks has a new cup for the Christmas holiday. And there is such an uproar over it. People are up in arms that the cups that they are going to throw in the trash and never think about, the cups that have a paper holder on them so you can't really see much of them anyway, are red and green and don't have something like a snowflake on them.

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Deep breath ...

The cup doesn't matter. If your faith can be turned because of a cup, you have bigger issues than the Starbucks corporation. You need to stop reading what I have to say and get into God's word and some serious prayer.

What does matter, however, IS at Starbucks. The barista matters. His/her life matters. Have you asked him what his plans for eternity are or just freaked out that your red and green cup doesn't have a snowman on it?

My Mom shared this with me on Facebook today and I agree. Jesus wouldn't care about the cup. It doesn't matter.

“If Jesus was to walk the earth today and enter the nearest Starbucks, what would his agenda be? Would he zero in on the ...closest employee and tell them to write, “Merry Christmas” on his peppermint mocha? Would he then smile smugly at the pained barista who had nothing to do with the corporation’s decision to implement a new design? Would he later boast about it to all his friends as they marvel at his moral victory?
Or perhaps Jesus would choose to order his coffee and ask the barista how her day has been. Perhaps he would invite her to sit with him during her break so he could get to know her. Christian, would he not choose to love her? Invite her to church, tell her what he did for her on the cross, explain grace and mercy, ask how he could serve her with the same humility he demonstrated 2000 years ago?"
So, let's quit sweating the things that don't matter and get back to what does, people. Jesus didn't need others to set up their decorations to suit His beliefs. He got out there, got his feet dirty, and went to those people sharing the truth with them. THAT is what matters. If we worry more about people than our right to have a cup with a snowflake on it hold our coffee, this world would be a far, far better place. I believe Christ cares about the person holding the cup, not that you tricked the Barista into writing Merry Christmas as your name.

It's not about the cup.  


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