Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sick of the Attack on Men

I am sick of the attack on men and their character. This day and age you will find it in every corner from the media to women's blogs to books, and the list goes on. The overwhelming consensus is, men are idiots.

Well, media/ladies/world, I have some news for you. Men are NOT idiots. They are our counterparts and our world would be better off if we remembered that, respected it, and helped build them up instead of tearing them down.

My husband is incredible. Together we are an unstoppable force. Where I am weak, he is strong. Where he is weak, I am strong. God put us together for a beautiful reason, and that's a big one. We complement each other. We fit together like a puzzle. If one of us was missing the picture wouldn't be complete.

What my husband isn't is perfect. He has his issues just like I have mine. In fact, he has grown incredibly in our marriage and is a shadow of the image he used to be. I love that about him. He saw his issues and fixed them. He works on them each day, trying to move closer to who God wants him to be. So, don't discount what I say thinking, "yeah well, if I had a perfect husband like you, it would be easy". Girlfriend, it wasn't easy. We were both carrying a lot of luggage with a lot of junk in them when we got married. It took us a long time to work through all of it and to stop hurting each other. We are in a much better place now, having come through the fire. So, I know what I am talking about on that end.

Yes, there are men out there who are making horrible choices. But they don't outnumber women who are making horrible choices. We all make them, some more than others. So, instead of bashing men, find men who are making sound choices and choose them for a mate. If you decided to choose one of those who is living life in an nutty way, well, you chose that so it's time to hang on for the wild ride and do the right thing. You pray for him, love him, respect him, don't nag him, don't hound him, and don't put him down (to his face or behind his back). But we have got to stop tearing men down.

When we make fun of them without end, why are we upset when they live up to our endless ridicule? How would we feel if that ecard above said, "women are stupid, if you forget just give them a minute, they'll remind you"? Hmm yeah, hurts doesn't it.

How about it most TV shows showed idiot women who could only do something right if a man was fully in charge and telling them how stupid they were? Oh, don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot?

What about men blogging, endlessly, about how inept women are and how men don't even really need women and how to get what you want from one and then ditch her the first chance you can? Oh, ouch.

Well then why do we do it to our guys? I hear women just harping on their husbands, making jokes to their girlfriends about them, posting meme after meme like the one above. Oh, and add in how so many talk publicly about how "hot" another man is, and it's an all out attack on our men. (oh, but those men better not have a thought about how pretty another woman is or else!!)

So, let's woman up and do what God wants. If you hear jokes or junk about guys, correct it or walk away. Don't participate. Love your husband, respect him, honor him, cherish him, pray for him, and lift him up to our Heavenly Father every chance you get. Let him know he's your one and only and that you know how important he is to you and your family. He doesn't have to be perfect before you do this. You aren't perfect. Want him to love you anyway? Yeah, well, the reverse is true.

People often live up to our expectations of them. Men are no different.

**This is NOT speaking about men or women who are abusing their spouses. If your husband or wife is abusing you, get help now. Call a women's shelter or the police and get help.


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