Friday, January 15, 2016

Heart Issues Have Come Home to Roost

For a while now our younger son has had a funky pulse. It wasn't able to be counted because of how irregular it was. I always blew it off thinking he had just been running around, flipping upside down, etc, etc. But, Sunday, it came to head when he wasn't feeling good and I used the stethascope we had for our older son to listen to his heart and heard an irregular heartbeat.

I called our pediatrician the next day and he said come right in. We did, he found a little blip on the EKG, and called the pediatric cardiologist to get us in on Tuesday. We went in and had another EKG, and an Echocardiogram. Thankfully his actual structure of the heart is perfect. Whew. So, no concerns there.

She did say he has a very pronounced sinus arrythmia. That, in itself, would not be cause for alarm. There is another possible issue going on with some delayed blood flow. Again, it wouldn't be something that needs treatment. And, of course, there could be something she doesn't know that's causing some of this.

Enter the Holter monitor.

We came home with one of these attached to monitor his heart 24 hours a day. We mail it back, they download the record and decide if he has something else going on, as well. We have a chart to write down every incident of him not feeling well so they can see if that's tied to his heart acting up.

He hates it. My child who rarely scratches an itch suddenly has itches everywhere the stickers are located. I don't think he slept well either. Thankfully this isn't a long term thing, and I keep reminding him of that.

We are praying that she sees nothing that is a concern. But, we are also praying she sees anything that's there if he has something going on with his heart. That's not a part of the body to be lax about. It makes him not feel good. That's enough for me, as his Mom, to want this taken care of quickly.


  1. Holding you and your son in prayer.

    1. Thank you so much. We have another week until the Holter monitor results are in.



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