Thursday, March 10, 2016

Crazy Kind of Week

We visited my Aunt and Uncle last weekend. It was wonderful. My cousin brought her family over a few times. My kids love to play with their little cousins. It's a great time for all. Exhausting, but great.

On our way home this happened ...
Wondering what that is? That's looking out our front SUV window at the sheets of rain falling. No fog, no foggy windows, that's rain. You can scarcely see another dark vehicle and white 18-wheeler in front of us. Good times.

We started to read this book ...
I have a great review of some supplemental items for this book coming up soon. Be on the look out for it. My kids are enjoying the book a lot. They haven't seen the movie, so they have no expectations of what it should be, which I love.

I started this book last weekend ...
It's such a good book. It's like someone followed us around the last few years and then wrote about our younger son's life. I highly recommend it. I have a few others I am going to start soon.
We have accomplished very little since getting back from our little trip. We were wiped Tuesday since we got home that day so late. Our younger son woke up complaining of a "spicy neck" which is usually a sign of his reflux acting up. I tried helping him and got him settled back into bed. He woke up the next morning with a "little bit of owie in my throat". I treated that hoping for it to just be a little allergy going on with him. Last night it was big owies and nothing was helping. I looked in his throat and found a suspicious spot. So, off to the doctor we went this morning. He feels like he's been hit with a Mac truck (nasty nose, sore throat, no appetite, tired). He gave us an antibiotic and I actually agreed with him on this one. I am not one to jump on a pill every single time my kids are sick, but he's feeling really nasty and I think he needed it.

That means the fun times came of trying to find meds that he could take. Just take a look at prescription meds the next time you are in the store. They are so pretty with their pink, yellow, purple, and rainbow assortment of colors. Yeah, those colors are dyes, even in the pill form. Most don't come dye free. Add in gluten, soy, and dairy (this is a place that his apple issue doesn't pop up most of the time), and it's a gamble on finding a medication for him. We found one that was safe except for the dyes. We discovered that they had a capsule form of that med that could be opened. Yes, it had dyes, but only in the capsule part, not the actual medication. So, we now open them up, put them in a bite of cashew milk ice cream (tangent - try cashew milk ice cream, especially snickerdoodle flavor - YUM), and he's good to go.

It also means we have to amp up his probiotics. Gotta keep that tummy healthy.

And that's been our week. Fun but crazy.


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