Saturday, March 19, 2016

Honesty Time

Shame, shame on me.
Did you know this week was St. Patrick's day? Yeah, the holiday where you traditionally ... um ... I guess you wear green, pinch people, and drink beer with food coloring in it?
I know it's the same day every year. March 17th. When I was a kid I always made sure to wear green because pinching the snot out of each other in school was a national past time.

This year? Nothing. We didn't wear green on purpose. We didn't pinch anyone. I never drink beer no matter what color it is. It was just Thursday. We did our make up lesson for the boys music class that their teacher had to reschedule from Monday.

Want to hear a worse confession?

Until I spoke to my mother-in-law about a completely unrelated topic, I forgot Easter was just around the corner. My memory was triggered when she was subtle saying to me, "so, what are the plans for Easter". My eloquent response was, "ummmmmmm". Yeah. That one makes me feel far worse.

The problem is, Easter is weeks before Passover. (4/22) This confuses me even more. The "last supper" was Christ's celebration of Passover. So, how is Passover nearly a month AFTER Easter? Maybe I am not the only one who is confused here.

So, we forgot to wear green and made no plans to dye eggs. I am pathetic. The plans for Easter I can fix. Unless I forget again. Which could happen. Only time will tell. I could be that person showing up at my inlaw's home at the last minute because they called me when we got home from church saying, "where are you guys".


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