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Grapevine Studies Review

We have been blessed to home educate our kids. We do so for many reasons, but main reason is our desire to have our lessons all tie back to, and start with, our Creator. That's why I was so excited when I was given the chance to review Grapevine Studies  Bible study New Testament Part 1 Level 1 Birth of John To Jesus' Ministry.

This study is unlike most Bible studies on the market. Instead of simply reading a passage and answering some questions, you are getting a chance to get your kids minds working as they draw their way through the study. As a parent you draw your way through teaching and kids get a chance to copy your work or create their own interpretation as they listen. And, don't fret Mom and Dad, no true artistic skills are needed. There's a reason this is called the "Stick Figure Through the Bible" study. Stick figures are not only OK, they are greatly encouraged. It IS all about the message after all.

The art work is what makes this study not only unique, but also a great fit for kids who tend to be a bit wiggly or distracted. It keeps them focused on what you are saying as they need to hear the message in order to draw their interpretation. Awesome for my kids!!

Each study has various levels. This makes it great for family time. Each child can have exactly what they need at the level they need it. From traceable on up, kids are met with the message of God's word where they are at in order to keep them from getting frustrated with the work.

If price is a concern, take heart. If you purchase the eBooks, your out of pocket for multiple children will be far less than a traditional bound book. You have options. You can do what works for you. You can print items, have a typical bound book, or do it how you want. I love, love flexibility in a program. I rarely do things exactly how they are laid out, and Grapevine Studies seems to feel the same way.

Once you visit their website you might feel overwhelmed with the options. Don't be. They have made it beyond easy to figure out what to purchase and what level.
What I Liked: This does not teach a certain view point about the topics in the study. This is awesome because you don't have to worry about theological complications from denominations you might not agree with. Also, it allows parents to learn along with their kids. You are studying what your kids are in order to get ready for the day, so you are diving into God's word on a deeper level.

It allows kids to have some freedom in their journey with God. They are picking up on what God's leading them to know and learn. They are creating a unique study that ends up all theirs and unlike their siblings books. It's so personal.

LEVELS! I think the levels are awesome. You know your child best and you don't have to worry about their needs, where they are vs. grade level, and more. You choose what works for each kiddo. LEVELS! Check them out.

Shorter lessons. And, by short, I don't mean milk and no meat. It's just broken down so you don't lose your kids during a very tedious reading. It's set up to capture their interest and allows for some awesome discussions about the topic of the day.

Supplies Needed:

I think you will like this part. There's no big expense with this once you get it.

  • Bible
  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
  • Printer (or you can have it printed if you don't have one)
  • Notebook (optional, but so nice to keep everything together so you end up with a book once you are done)
  • Something for you to draw on during the lessons. I like a dry erase board, but a notebook, your own copy of the student book, or loose leaf paper would work as well. 
All in all, I think this is an excellent study. I am more conservative in my beliefs and like deeper conversations about Biblical doctrine. This study allowed for our beliefs to come shining through and for those conversations to happen. I appreciate that someone who had very different beliefs from us could also use this study just as effectively because of it's fact based non-denominational take on the subject.

They also have a great social networking presence to help you learn more before and after your purchase.

Twitter - Grapevine Studies
Pinterest - Grapevine Studies
Facebook - Grapevine Studies

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