Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bugs Invade

When we first moved to our home it was a brand new home. No one had ever lived on this property before, at least for as long as records go back. So, when we first moved in here we had a little varmint issue. UGH! But, "butter sticks" under the house, a few mouse traps inside, and a good cat outside ended that and we never had another issue. It's not uncommon to have mice when you live on a lot of acreage (400 to be exact) where they have had to work so hard for food and suddenly food is plentiful so close to them.

Fast forward 5 years. We have no more issues. We get the occasional fly. If we leave our front porch light on at night and open the door a moth or June bug will fly in. But you get that in the city and a fly swatter and remembering to turn the porch light off before opening the door takes care of that.

Then we went away for a few days a month ago. We came home to fleas. I will NOT put up with fleas. I freaked and immediately thought to board our cat, go back to my Mom's with the kids, and to flea bomb the house. Then cooler heads prevailed and I realized we didn't want those toxins in our home and I started to research.

Here's what I found, it works fast and it works well.

We used this on our carpet. I will say, it does contain SLS, but since it was going to be on our carpet I bypassed the issues with that and used it at night when we went to bed. You can put this on your cat/dog if you need to. We have an inside cat and I used other things on him.

On our cat we used a flea comb. This works VERY well and fast. You simply comb the cat and the fleas are pulled off the coat. Make sure to have a glass of water with soap in it to dip the comb between strokes. This will kill the fleas found on the comb.

But this, THIS was the big guns. Every natural website I read said this was what you wanted. I told you I don't mess around with fleas. I wanted them gone, yesterday. This Aspectek Sticky Dome Flea Trap (wanted you to have the name so you could find it online) is a very simple set up and extremely effective. You simply plug this unit in and the little night light bulb comes on (you can replace the bulb as needed with an inexpensive night light bulb that you can find at any store like Walmart. The bottom has a very sticky disk in it that captures the fleas when they jump in to get to the light. When I say sticky, I mean STICKY. So, don't touch it. Yes, it comes off your hand, but you need a vegetable oil type oil to get the residue off. And, if paper touches it, forget it. That puppy is stuck. This works fast. We paid a lot of attention to it that first day. Within a minute or two we already had a few fleas. 

We are now fully flea-less. Whew. Since we had those hit so unexpectedly (we have never had fleas before in our home), I decided to leave them up until the end of the season. We come in and out a lot. If there were fleas inside, there must be fleas outside. I don't want them carried inside. 

Oh, last tip on this for your outside fleas. We use food grade diamataceous earth outside to control fleas in our yard area. We use it near our pets living areas and use it in their bed area and on their backs for flea control. We always make sure it's food grade even though we don't use it internally (you can and it works great for many types of worms, toxins, etc). You can find dosing for this online. 


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