Saturday, May 14, 2016

The School Issue

Sigh, I am just tired of this. I am sick of our nation thumbing their collective noses at God. If a person wants to defy God and choose hell, that is their choice. I am sad for them. I share the Gospel with them. But, in the end they have the right to choose Heaven or hell. However, this is just going too far. We are mocking our God, our Creator. We are pointing and laughing at Him as a nation. We are saying, "rain down the fire God, you don't scare me" and, honestly, I am ready to duck and cover.

It's one thing, as a business, to say "you can use the ladies or men's room, we don't care". It's another for our President to threaten and bully the welfare of our kids (money to the schools) in order to FORCE his personal agenda into the hallways of their schools. And that's what our President is attempting right now. Who cares what you think, do what I say or lose money for kids education.

And the Christians in this nation are pulling their kids out of public school so fast it would make your head spin. They are boycotting Target, so it's a no brainer to boycott public education facilities. RIGHT?

Nope. They are sighing and putting their kids back on those same big yellow buses each morning. Because, you know, free education.

People, people. Wake up. It's not free. I mean, take out the whole "you are paying for it with your taxes" line. You are risking your kids and their futures with this junk and experiments You are signing your children up to be guinea pigs in an experiment that God has already said is dangerous and wrong. We know how it ends, so why even put our kids through the test. Oh, and the line of "well, my child can be a light on the hill in the dark schools" no longer works. This has gone beyond that. Yes, you can still witness to other kids. But it's time to realize this is not the place to tempt our children and allow them to be pulled into the world's anti-God ways. This is too dangerous. We wouldn't send a 10 year old into a war zone, why would we send him into this battlefield? Even God pulled Abraham and His family out of Sodom and Gamorrah before He destroyed it. It was time to move on, dust the feet from your sandals. And, this is even more important because these are kids, not strong men and women of God.

I like what Israel Wayne had to say about it in his confusion (which seems to be as deep as mine on this one),
Many Christians will boycott Target over the transgender bathroom issue, but will they ever boycott government schools over the same issue?
I don't think so. For reasons I don't begin to understand, most Christians are tenaciously addicted to their government school habit.
I don't think there is ANYTHING at all the government schools would EVER do that would EVER make most Christians remove their children and pay for their own child's Christian education. Sad, but true.
80% of Christians are still committed to government matter what.

Think about it folks. If you want to exact change in your public schools, rip your kids out. If every professing Christian did, I promise you there would be huge changes. Either they would implode or they would change their tune begging for you to return. Either way, your kids would be safe from harm, would be well educated, and would be taught Godly principles by example instead of worldly principles by force.


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