Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our 1950's Experiment

I read an article about a family purposely moving away from the busyness of life back towards a slower pace for the summer. I liked that idea. My husband liked that idea. We decided it was time to embrace that idea.

We decided to do our own little experiment with slowing down in life and getting out of the hustle and bustle of daily living and also getting out of the way kids play these days.

Even when I was growing up (far from the 50's, think 70's and 80's) kids played different. We played outside all day long coming in long enough for a meal and a drink of water. Oh, but not too many drinks or your Mom would get upset you were coming in and out so we often used the garden hose for a cool taste of water. We used our imaginations more, ran more, climbed more, and just were far more physical. Sure we played with toys, but that was often outside too. I remember my doll in my basket on my bike, skating with my jump rope as a tie with my friends. It was just different.

With that, we are turning off the TV for this experiment. You didn't sit around all day watching TV. You weren't in you room playing Lego all day. TV will be a treat throughout the week for a special show. We only have DVDs, no cable, so it won't be hard to do that. Kids can play Lego if they still want, but they are going outside to do it most of the time.

Now, we live where it gets to be 110 degrees during the day, so we will have to come in during the hottest part of the day since I have one son with heat tolerance issues. But, other than that, we are gearing up for fun in the sun this summer starting next week.


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