Thursday, May 12, 2016

Things We Say ...

Sometimes I wonder if the things I say in my home are so ridiculous that people would find them nuts or would all moms understand. So, here's my rendition of "she said what" from this past week.

"Don't eat the cat" - said to my dog as my cat ran past

"No, you can't do your homework. I want you to go play for a while." - said to get my kids OUTSIDE. They love it outside, but this week has been an inside week for them. Agh!

"Then he whispered 'heavy kittens' to me in his sleep" - I have no where to go with this other than to say it was about our youngest son Linus.

"Stop licking your brother" - sadly said TWICE this week, once to each child and, no, not on the same day.

"Do you want help fixing the car" - said to my husband. LOL, like I could help fixing the car!

Why do we moms say these things like they are completely normal conversation and never bat an eye when it comes out of our mouths?


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