Saturday, October 31, 2015

Free and/or Inexpensive Clothing - Recyling at it's Finest

We buy used clothing often. I figure as long as it's in good shape why would we pay so much for jeans, casual skirts, shirts, and shorts. But, finding second hand items is often hard. Many of us know about places like Goodwill and the like. But, often people donate the worst of their closets making it hard to find quality items. What's a shopper to do?

Well, a shopper is to read this post and check out the deals.

My cousin just introduced me to Schoola. It's a website that allows people to buy second hand clothing and support school activities. Here's how it works.

You buy an item of clothing at up to 70% off retail. In turn, Schoola donates 40% of your total to the school that the person who donated the clothing chooses. That's right, if you donate clothing you get to choose where the money goes that your items bring in, how great is that!

BUT, there is a little fun twice. Right now, as in today only, you can get $60 worth of clothing free. You can always get some free, but the amount changes based on discounts offered. Right now, the offers add up to $60. You don't have to buy a minimum, only what you want. But, take a look around and don't waste your discount. They have clothes for women, men, and children of all sizes. They also have shoes and accessories (purses, belts, etc)

OK, here's how you get your $60 in free clothing.

You have to follow these steps exactly to get the credit.
    1. Use my link: (Using my link gets us each an automatic $20 credit.)
    2. Create an account at the top of the page.
    3. "Create a collection". Click the collections tab at the top and then scroll down to +New Collection. On the side of that page will be a button to "create your collection." Just add in your sizes (this is important) and give it a name and that gets you another $10 credit. (make sure the thin yellow banner pops up that says you got the $10 credit once you save your collection. If not, make another one to get this credit.
    4. Now the fun part: Add $60 worth of clothes from the site to your cart. (If an item has a little yellow tag above it it’s not eligible for a discount. But most things are eligible!)
    5. Go to your cart and you will see the $30 worth of credit you just earned.
    6. Use the code SPOOKY during checkout and get another 50% off, making your total $0 (if you have exactly $60 in there).
That's all there is to it. I have used this service and got myself a few skirts, some adorable cardigans, and two sweaters for my boys (some items were brand new with tags still on them) for free. Remember to check the quality description before buying. There is everything from new with tags to some wear and tear. 

The SPOOKY discount code ends today, so hurry hurry. 

**The links in this post do provide me with a credit if you buy something using it. If you simply use it to look around, I do not receive any compensation. 


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