Monday, October 26, 2015

Great Thought

I was listening to Dianne Craft today and she said something that really stuck with me as I think about my older son. After some looking at him through different eyes, I see he has so many strengths that are being missed because he's right brained and being taught by a left brained Mom. It is like I have been hit by so man lightning bolts this week. I am starting to get a little sore. But, it's all worth it because I am going to be able to help him so much more.

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She said, on the DVD I was watching (and I am paraphrasing), "being right brained is not a disability. It's an Ability."

My son is so smart. When you look at the characteristics of a right brain dominant person, you see my son. When I teach him the way he needs to be taught, many of his lagging areas of learning will go away. She suggests that you can teach a left brain dominant person using right brain dominant techniques but you can't use left brain dominant techniques to teach a right brain dominant person. I have seen that for quite a while, though I didn't realize it's what I was seeing.

I love these aha moments. I am glad I am having them. But they do wear you out when you have so many each week. Off to take a few more hits before bed.

Talk soon.


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