Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm Not All About Toxins

I know I post a lot about removing toxins, how we live a more natural life, and so on, but I do have hobbies. It's not all toxin all the time. That would make for a crazy life and a boring woman. This brings me to something that's new to me but I can see being a big favorite.

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I got into crochet a few years ago after my grandmother introduced me to it many, many years ago. I always wanted to like it but just never seemed to be able to pick it up, get my tension right, and, well, it just didn't happen. I finally decided that I was going to go from wanting to like it and being able to crochet to actually doing it. I bought some hooks, some yarn, and sat down with YouTube to search for how-to videos.

For those that haven't used YouTube in this way, you are missing out. You can learn just about anything on that site. Seriously, try it. I have searched for some pretty ridiculous things just to find it's limits. But I digress.

I taught myself how to crochet using YouTube videos and haven't looked back. Recently, when I visit stores and shops that sell yarn, a new hook has been catching my eye. It's called a Tunisian hook for Tunisian crochet. Looking at sample of the work online I decided immediately, without actually seeing how to do it, that it was far too hard and gave up that idea. However, a pin on Pinterest caught my eye and I decided to give it a try.

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All I have to say is, "what has Tunisian crochet been all my life". This is so, so simple. In fact, if I was teaching someone crochet, I would start with Tunisian crochet. It's much easier as there are no hdc, dc, FPdc, tr, and more. Nope. That's all a thing of the past with this technique.

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If you would like to check out Tunisian crochet, I suggest going to YouTube and typing in Tunisian crochet tutorial. Or, better yet, check out this blogger's how-to page. It's simple, has great pictures and clearly written instructions. This is where I learned the basics. I will be honest, I didn't buy a Tunisian hook until after I learned. I didn't want to waste the money if it was going to be hard. I worked samples on a typical hook until I learned how to do it.

Tunisian Crochet Tutorial @ Crocheting the Day Away

I won't be giving up typical crochet. I am just adding this to my repertoire. It's fun, easy, gives you a semi-knit look, and the piece comes out soft yet sturdy. There's a reason it's referred to as the afghan stitch.

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Talk soon.


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