Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I have a few things in the works around our home, and that means I have new topics for posts soon. I thought I would share a preview, of sorts, about what's brewing in my home and head.

Soap. I like soap. I don't mean, "yeah, it makes me clean, no way I would do without it" like. I mean I like soap a lot. I love the smell, the non-smell (if it's unscented), the feel of a smooth bar of soap. I like cute soap, plain soap ... OK, I might have a soap problem. However, I also don't like soap that isn't safe and bothers my kid's skin. This means I am always on the hunt for soap.

Until I got a wild hair to make my own. I figured I would quell that wild hair with a simple Google search on how to make it. I would discover it's very hard and give up. Yeah, no. So, join me when I take you on an adventure that is me making my first homemade soap.

If soap making wasn't enough, I also got a crazy idea to make my first quilt. It was a long drawn out thought process that went something like, "hey, quilting, why not" and off I went to the store. I have my fabric, my rotary cutter, my cutting pad, my measurements, and I will actually be starting soon. Pop on over to see if my first steps into the quilting world are a success or a flop.

It's been a while since I updated on our fine feathered friends we own (a.k.a. chickens). I will update with pictures, funny stories, and maybe even a first egg soon.

Tune in soon as I walk you through these happenings and more. We have a busy month so it should be fun.


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