Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sleep and a Study

See that picture above? Yeah, that doesn't happen at our house without a lot of work. It hasn't happened at our house for years. Add in the issues once the kids finally fall asleep (light sleep instead of deep, sleep talking, wild movements during sleep, snoring, etc) and sleep is a dream goal (no pun intended).

Our sons are finally healthy enough to start addressing this issue. So, I went to our doctor and asked about an EEG to figure this out with our older son. Younger son will come next. He quickly agreed and just a few days later we are ready for our sleep study and overnight EEG. Yes, they are different things. A sleep study hooks up monitors that measure such things as O2 levels, CO2 levels, leg and arm movements, heart rate, etc. The EEG will look at what his brain is doing during the time he goes to sleep and while he's sleeping. I don't know if we will find any reasons with this type of test for why he isn't sleeping well, but I pray if there is a reason we find it on the test. He needs sleep. He needs deep quality sleep. He needs to be rested. How can you heal, grow, thrive when you are exhausted? Simple answer, you can't.

So, if you have any prayer time today, I would love for you to use some of it for us to find answers to our son's sleep issues.


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