Saturday, April 2, 2016

Questions That Come Up

I was chatting with my Mom the other day about us going out on Easter Sunday. I mentioned how surprised I was by the number of businesses that were closed on that day. After all, everyone seems to be pushing to open up on Christmas day, so I figured Easter would be no big deal. She said something that got me thinking about the topic more. Her reply was simple enough, "good for them". She was happy they were closing up business on Easter.

Then my brain does what it seems to enjoy, it goes off on it's own thinking about it on a deeper level. Society seems to be in two camps. Open up every day because one day is no different then the next with regards to religious meaning or close down on Christian celebrated days or you are a bad person. But, what about Jewish holidays/Biblical feasts?

Why aren't stores closed on Passover? Rosh Hashanah? Yom Kippur? The list goes on. We admit that God ordained these days. We even see Christ celebrating them in the New Testament. His last time with His disciples was over a Passover meal. But no one even worries if a store is closed on those days.

I don't get it. Bunnies, eggs, lights, and trees are worth closing for, God saving the entire Jewish population through plague and miracles is overlooked.

Let's just get one thing straight. Even if we celebrate Christmas, Easter, etc, they ARE man created days. Why do we gripe that on man created days stores don't close but on God created days they are open? It really makes no sense to me at all.

Feasts are not just for Jews. They are for all followers of God. It's just where my brain went. It just seems to backwards to me. I haven't understood it for a long time. Maybe someone else has the answer, I know I don't.

If you don't know about the feasts, please take some time to dig into your Bible and discover their beauty. Every single one points to a savior. And, that Savior is Jesus. He is the fulfillment but not the abolishment of the law. We are free to celebrate without legalism. We do so out of love and obedience not in order to be justified and sanctified. Those only come from Christ's death and resurrection. Our faith in Him provides eternal life after His sacrifice. But it doesn't discount our obedience to Him in all things.

Below is a neat graphic that even shows the correlation between the feasts and Jesus as our Savior.


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