Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Took the Plunge in Planning, and a New Favorite

I am very organized. I am good at organizing other's homes, lives, what ever you have. I like to organize. I hate planning. I am terrible at planning. You would think planning was just organizing time, but it's just something I am not great at and never have been.

I tried using my phone for appointments, events, etc. Yeah, it only half works for me. The phone works, I only half work with it. I tried using our iPad but found I rarely carry it when I need it. So, that won't work well.

I caved and decided old fashioned paper and pencil will be a better fit for me. Enter my new Day-Timer.

It's not pretty, but it's suitable. I didn't want to spend a lot of money until I made sure this would be a good fit for how I live life. It costs about $25 and comes with 3 months of filler so I can try it out and figure out what I like before I buy stuff for it. Later on, when this one wears out, I will buy a pretty planner.

I want to put it in my backpack that I carry all of our son's tube feeding items in when we leave. That way it's always with me, I have it at the ready, and yet I don't have to search for it when I leave the house.

Anyway, my husband has a new crazy schedule that will begin in June (no, really, it's like the higher ups said, "what is the nuttiest thing we could do to these guys and their families schedules? Oh, yeah, that's nuts.... let's do it!") and I need to really get organized before then or I am going to have us out of the house on his days off and at home on his work days. I try very hard to schedule things around when he works. Right now that's easy since it's the same days every single week. I have been spoiled.

I will post later to let you know how it's working for me, for us.

Oh, I have a new favorite thing. I am talking use it many times a week favorite. I used to use cooking sprays to keep items from sticking. Well, further back from that I used Teflon (gag) to keep things from sticking. As I got wiser about toxins and what they were doing to our body, and add in food intolerances that prevent us from using many cooking sprays, and my choices for non-stick baked goods was dwindling.

Enter parchment paper.

Yep, nothing new about parchment paper only my use of it. I use it for everything. Even if I make rolls that say to bake them on a bare cookie sheet, I use it. So, if you are into stocks and investments, you might start watching the prices on parchment paper companies, I might be helping them purchase their homes.

Seriously, if you haven't used it, do. Just read the box to check for temperature safety (some can be used at higher temps than others) and try your hand at using it, especially if you haven't gotten rid of the more toxic surfaces on baking items. At least that would provide some protection.


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