Monday, April 11, 2016

Weather Or Not ...

Momma, it's so dark outside 

DARK skies ...

Loud thunder ...

Big wind ...

Heavy rain ...

Well, that was fun.

I just told my husband last week that this spring has been so crazy. We normally have been in the tornado shelter once by now. We haven't even look in it's general direction.

But, today, I started to look.

It rained, it poured, it was just so dark.

Then, it stopped. All rain, all clouds, it just stopped. Not in the way that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck thinking tornado. It stopped like it was the end of the storm, though we knew from the weather apps that it wasn't ending any time soon.

So, we packed up and went to music class. My younger son pounded out a beautiful arpeggio on the piano. He learned some new crossovers.

Then it was time for big brother to jam out on the drums. He hit the drums for a little Matthew West (Hello My Name Is) and then some Stevie Wonder (to help him get the speed he needed for the Matthew West song).

We came out and the sky was clear as a bell. Wonderful. The news was wrong. We grabbed something to eat before heading home.

We walked out of the restaurant only to see dark skies again. So, we rushed home just in time for it to all start up again. The rain came, the wind really picked up, and the weather radio started beeping about warnings. Thankfully not tornado, but the skies did NOT look good.

If you live in tornado alley like we do, you get used to watch the skies a lot in the spring. No matter what the weather radio says, you overrule it many times just looking at the skies. The skies have caused us to get into our shelter many times only to hear the weather radio finally catch up with what we knew was coming.

Thankfully, today, we didn't have to worry about that. It rained hard, the wind blew very hard, but in the end we were fine, our home was fine, our animals we fine.

As for us, we had a little too much DVD time, the kids played a lot of Lego, and I did NOT get a lot of housework accomplished. Tomorrow we will get back to school, back to housework, back to a lot less TV time. But today was kind of a pause. It was a nice pause, a needed pause.


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