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Homeschool Copywork Review

Our family was blessed to receive a Lifetime Membership to Homeschool Copywork to review. Homeschool Copywork is a website that contains a huge variety of e-books for copywork with topics such as Quotes by Charlotte Bronte, Claude Monet Artist Study, and various Bible passages. The topics are incredibly vast.

Homeschool Copywork Review

So, what is copywork, you might ask yourself. It's OK to ask, I didn't always know, either. Copywork is often seen as only a tool used to help a child with handwriting. Oh, it very much does, but it's so much more. It's grammar, reading and comprehension, eye hand coordination (who knew, a little occupational therapy thrown in), and, depending on the topic of your copywork, motivation, faith building, and memorization. It can help a child learn many topics that have nothing to do with language arts. Remember back to your school days when a teacher would copy a few sentences on the chalkboard for you to copy on loose leaf notebook paper. It's that, but so, so much better and deeper.

For our review period I chose a piece on 1 Corinthians 13. You first need to decide if you want to teach your child cursive or manuscript because the studies are set up with that option. When I first logged on to my Lifetime Membership at Homeschool Copywork I had a few concerns. I was worried it would be hard to find things for my kids and that there wouldn't be many options that were of interest to us.

It took me less than a minute to figure out neither of those concerns was an issue at all. Here's the landing page once you log into your account. You can see how easy everything is with a tab for anything you might need (what type of payments you have made, what grade level work you want to do, bonus items (woohoo, who doesn't love that).

Once you choose your grade level or bonus items (by the way, don't skip the bonus items. There you will find various pieces grouped by topics such as dogs, transportation, sharks, etc), you are taken to the list of copywork for that level. For us, I chose Upper Elementary work. 

Back to what we used, I mentioned we started with the 1 Corinthians 13 set. I liked how this was set up and I really appreciated that I could turn back to the Bible and use this in conjunction with our Bible study time each day. It was such a natural move from Bible to copywork for us. You read a passage, you talk about a passage, you pray about a passage, you copy a portion of the passage. It really helped to add one more method in order to help my sons really grasp the meaning and memorization of the text we were studying.

My older son loves handwriting practice, so I knew I wouldn't have a hard time getting him tuned into this type of copywork. My younger son, however, is Mr. How Fast Can I Go and doesn't have time for tedious work. Not to fear, he took to this like a fish takes to water. It was not an issue, it kept his interest, and he was pleased to do it each day.

I have already poked around Homeschool Copywork and decided our next piece will be the Human Body Notebooking Pages that are found in the bonus section. It marries Biblical texts with the human body study and I appreciate that mix as a Christian Mom who has kiddos that LOVE all things muscles, bones, nerves, and brain.

I mentioned we received the Lifetime Membership on Homeschool Copywork. If you are reading this, look over their site, and think this sounds like what you are looking for in your homeschool day, you should check out the Lifetime Membership. I appreciated the membership personally, but when I saw the price difference I realized what a good deal it was. Quotes from composers, inventors, artists, the Bible. Studies that take you deeper through copywork. It is $29.95 for a year membership and only $45.00 for a lifetime membership no matter how many children you have.

If you would like to contact Homeschool Copywork or check them out online, you can do so on their website or the following:


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Homeschool Copywork Review


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