Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What We Have Been Up To This Week

What a week so far. Our week wasn't hard, per se. I think I just took it badly.

It all started last Thursday. My husband came home from work with What he so colorfully described as "hamburger throat". I don't really know what that feels like, but it hurts according to him. Yep, sick. It wasn't a horrible illness, but it started with a sore throat, moved to just feeling really under the weather, then a cough started. He is now feeling a lot better, but the cough remains, though not nearly as bad as it was.

Then the weekend hit and our younger son had a freaky situation with his hypoglycemia. Normally when it hits he just gets cranky and a bit tired. I try hard to stay on top of it so he has been very level for a while. But, Saturday whoa! He was fine, we were chatting about lunch, we were actually getting it early while doing errands. Suddenly he squatted down and told me he was a bit tired. I figured he stayed up late Friday night since it's "brother's night" every Friday where the kids get a fun supper and get to stay up late playing with each other in their room. However, that was not the case. He then stood up and got cranky about how slow the service was. Hmm, well, a bit slow but not cranky worthy. Suddenly he said the smell in the restaurant was making him sick, we had to take our food and eat in the car because he couldn't stand it, he was going on and on about how sick it was making him. Lastly he told me he had to use the restroom. Fine, buddy, go. I didn't know what his issue was, but yeah, go to the potty. We got our food to go and waited on him. He was gone a long time. I went to knock on the door (it's a single person restroom) and ask if he was OK. I couldn't hear a response. I asked my older son to knock and ask in case I was just not hearing him. He knocked, nothing. I started to panic wondering if they had keys to the restroom and my son knocked again. This time he heard something. The bathroom door finally opened to my younger son having a gray face. He told me this place was making him feel so sick he had his head in the toilet that whole time. He didn't throw up but was heaving and just wanted to go. He was gray, sweating and clammy, felt odd.

We got out of there fast. I figured it was better to get sick in the parking lot than a restaurant. He kept stopping to bend over and heave. I threw the food in the car, told my older son to hop in so I didn't have to worry about him in the parking lot, and grabbed my younger son. I sat on the door opening with him on my lap heaving over and over. Finally he lifted his head and asked for a drink. I told him throwing up and drinks were a bad idea. He begged saying he thought he needed a drink. I figured the worse that could happen was he would throw up Sprite, so I gave it to him. He sipped. We waited. I noticed the tightening in his stomach stopped almost immediately. I had been feeling his wretching as I held him. He asked for another drink. I gave it to him. He drank and drank. He told me he felt a little better and could he have something to eat, he was very hungry. He ate, finished his drink, and perked up so quickly. His face pinked up, his lips pinked up, he was feeling so much better.

I called my Mom to tell her about it and she reminded me about his hypoglycemia. Yep, that's what this was. I had never seen it get so bad and I am not sure why it did that day. Thanking God that's what it was and that it wasn't something else like a stomach virus. Sigh. Hard way to start errands.

Later that day, to add bad to worse, he was given something with red dye in it. And that took out the rest of the evening and all of Sunday. BAD, BAD 24 hours.

So, we trucked along with Monday. I just had it as a day of rest after music lessons. We just hung out as a family, relaxed, and had fun.

Tuesday came around, I was ready for a day with school, music practice, and chores. That was until my older son woke up and his first words to me were, "Mom, my throat hurts". Yep, Daddy passed on the goodies.

So, here we are back at Wednesday. We were supposed to go to a Passover meal tomorrow at a local church. Hubby had the day off from work because going to work would mean he wouldn't make it home in time. He had the day off for a whole 24 hours before they had to cancel it. Guess it's good we weren't able to go. Now no one is disappointed because big brother is sick.

I was up very late Monday night, just unable to sleep for some unknown reason. This means I was wiped yesterday. I went to bed early to get some rest. Around 11:30pm my older son comes into my room to ask me what the noise he hears is and could I look. I got up, not hearing anything, and walked into the living room. It was our weather radio blaring it's siren. How I didn't hear it beats me. I always hear it. It wasn't even a watch, it was the warning siren. Thankfully it wasn't a tornado, but serious enough I needed to not sleep through it again. So, I grabbed my pillow and slept on the sofa in case it got worse. UGH! This Mom is tired.


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